The High Knife


The High Knife arrives in its own embossed Art Deco Stash Box.  The Knife incorporates a Smoking Pipe with removable Sleeve, Dab Tool/Pipe Reamer, Roach Clip, Small and Large Blades, Wine Opener, Bottle Opener, Can Opener, Screw Driver, Punch and Sewing Tool, Tweezers, Toothpick and More.

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The High Knife is particularly suited for the modern cannabis user as it allows a convenient and discreet way to smoke, in addition to being a versatile and multi-function pocket tool.  It is as beneficial for the 85 year old patient who lacks the dexterity to use rolling papers as it is for the recreational 25 year old who also uses it as a handy beer and wine bottle opener. It is truly poised to be The Knife of the Party.

For retail orders of greater than 10 Knives please contact us through the Contact Page form for special pricing.

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